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I'm unique (classified under the Animalian Kingdom, Phylum Chordata, Mammalian Class, Order Primates, Hominidae family, Genera Homo and sapien species!). --- My most important roles currently are: Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Girlfriend, Niece, Pet owner, Christian, Friend and Honours Student. Of course I'm also a: music lover, dog person, blood donor, registered organ donor, first-aider, volunteer, respite assistant, health promoter, teacher-at-heart, textbookworm (I made that up myself!), leisure musician, shower singer, sports enthusiast, Broncos & Maroons supporter, right-hander, compulsive list-maker, photo-taker, toilet reader and proud Australian citizen!

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Magical Act

Check out this amazing clip that was sent to me. I've been absolutely mesmerised - I can't tell you how many times I've watched it!
Enjoy :-)

Monday, August 21, 2006


G'day to all you Earthians out there!

Welcome to my new website Virtual Musotopianoforte, a real and true extension of my MSN Spaces blog page (which is simply titled "Virtual Musotopia"). Well, in case you can't guess, I'm blogging to you from Australia which isn't an intergalactic region, despite common thought across the Pacific Ocean (only kidding!).

For all of you out there, I am proud to call "Musotopia" and "Musotopianoforte" (the names and everything they refer to) original creations of mine Spinning. In times of desperation, such as now with the recent release of MSN's new spaces upgrades, I have decided to turn to Blogspot in order to give myself a new voice - where I am "heard" publicly. One of the things I would like to use this blog for is to make some kind of difference in the world, for the better.

To justify the term "Earthians" (which I have just created just a few seconds ago) I have recently re-engaged with a computer game from last decade called "Mind Grind" in which the player is constantly being referred to as an "Earthling" despite physically being in Extra-Terrestrial form. I think "Earthians" is something different, yet not too demeaning but still uniting all readers...