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Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Safe Excursion

For those of you readers, particularly some of the Friday's Feasters, who wondered about my Friday's Feast salad last week. To refresh your memory, my ideal spot to be in at the time was simply "anywhere safe with my boyfriend". The reason I emphasised that particular word was because I could go anywhere in the world - even to some dream destination like my lifetime desire to take a pilgrimage to Uganda, where my mother was born and raised - but with all the horrible realities that exist today (virulent infections, nuclear missiles, wars or just plain guns) it becomes difficult to enjoy the experience of a holdiay or just simply relaxation.
It was to my good fortune that my desire was fulfilled last Saturday and it was even relatively "close to home". We drove down to Toowoomba (about 1.5hrs away) for the day where we explored, lunched in the car (it was really windy!), surprised some friends and visited a few tourist attractions where we especially went a little camera-crazy. Unfortunately, we were running out of time since we were in a regional town on a Saturday with most places closing by 4pm. We did however manage to stop at Wivenhoe Dam along the way there and although the dam there appeared to be still quite expansive, you could still see worn-away "rings" in some spots of where there used to be water, upon close inspection. Quite scary, but it makes you feel grateful that there is water there at all.
I love to travel, even if it's just a hop, skip and a jump away from home. The most important thing is to really enjoy the experience, be with loved ones and have fun, no matter your age. And it needs to be said, although it's no revelation, that I always feel safe when I'm with people I love and trust.


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