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Friday, July 27, 2007


This is a temporary post for Melody, who is a Friday's Feast participant. I would like her to know that I haven't been able to access her blog since it requires invitation to access it.

If you're reading this, could you leave me a comment (it will be here only temporarily) so that I know you have read it and invited me to look at your blog.

Thanks so much. I try and return the favour to all my blogging friends who leave me comments :)


Blogger Nicole said...

Great Feast! Got my curiosity up with the anywhere - safe. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

28/7/07 1:10 am  
Blogger Melody said...

Hi! Not sure if you meant me, hehe...but anyway would like to leave a note and say 'Hello!'.

I didn't participate in last week's feast because I was a little busy with work.

Anyway, hope you've a great weekend and catch up with you soon! :)

30/7/07 3:44 pm  

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